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My Enterprise fan fiction is Trip-centric and definitely Trip/T'Pol friendly. Appropriate warnings and ratings are posted at the beginning of each story. I welcome reviews and feedback about my stories. All stories are complete unless otherwise stated.

The third story in the Special Projects Series, Songs in Red and Grey is complete! As an added bonus, you can now meet the MACO Special Projects Unit here.

A stand alone piece entitled Blood, Sweat and Tears is now up. This is a bit of fun that wouldn't let go until I'd written it. It is complete.

I've just started the fourth story in the Desert Rose series. The provisional title is Number Theory and a teaser is now up. I am not publicising this widely as I can't promise that updates will be at all regular. I just have too many other things on at the moment.

I have a mailing list for anyone who would like to be updated when I post new chapters and stories. Email me if you would like to be added (feel free to specify fandom if you're only interested in one).

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The Nanites Saga Tags, Missing Scenes Etc.
Special Projects Series Finale Fix
Stand Alone Stories Virtual Season Five
    The Nanites Saga    
  What Does Not Kill Us
- Part 1
  Trip is kidnapped when Enterprise answers a distress call. Can Enterprise find him and will he ever be the same again?
  He Who Fights With Monsters
- Part 2
  Enterprise detects a stricken ship and offers its assistance but all is not as it appears to be and Trip finds himself in trouble again.
  Let the Dead Bury the Living
- Part 3
  Enterprise is back orbiting Earth, but not everyone is happy to see them.
  Special Projects Series    
  Behind Blue Eyes   Trip's past comes back to haunt him when a visitor comes on board with a new mission for the crew.
  Red Rain   Trip receives news that one of the Special Projects team has died in suspicious circumstances.

Songs in Red and Grey

  Trip is ordered to go on one last mission for Special Projects, but as usual nothing is as simple as it seems.
The MACO Special Projects Team Graphics    
  Stand Alone Stories    
  Mentem Mortalia Tangunt   Enterprise make first contact with a race of aliens who turn out to be enemies of the Xindi, but trouble is around the corner for Trip.
  Walk in the Dark
  Trip gets some bad news, but decides to deal with it on his own. Unfortunately the problems that this causes don’t just affect him. All of which is only the beginning of a hard road for Trip.

Set in Stone

  Trip finds himself under pressure, and in the middle of a dangerous situation when Enterprise is sent on a trade mission.
  Blood, Sweat and Tears
  Trip finds himself with a rather unusual problem after he returns from an away mission.
  Tags, Missing Scenes Etc.    
  Contamination   Short post ep fic for United. Trip has to go through radiation decontamination and he talks some more to Reed about his relationship with T'Pol.
  The End of Everything   Sequel to Contamination. Trip is still recovering from radiation sickness but T'Pol continues to occupy his thoughts.
  No Time   Companion piece to The End of Everything. T'Pol is confused and trying not to think about the reason for her confusion.
  Divided and Reunited
  Missing scenes and thoughts for Affliction and Divergence. Sequel to The End of Everything. Trip goes to the Columbia but it isn't long before he finds himself back on the ship he wants to leave.

Finale Fix


Desert Rose

  Finale fix. In which Trip dies, but doesn’t and T’Pol makes use of their bond. Trip/T'Pol

A Thousand Years

  Trip is recovering from his injuries after the explosion, but can he and T’Pol put aside their differences long enough to make things work between them. And some Romulans show up. Trip/T'Pol

Postcards from Deep Space One

  Trip and T'Pol have trouble communicating, Commander Reed takes a busman's holiday and a new alien race pick DS1 as the place to sign a treaty with the Federation. Trip/T'Pol
      Number Theory
  Trip and T’Pol welcome people from across the galaxy to a special event on Deep Space One, but nothing ever goes smoothly for this pair. Trip/T'Pol. Work in progress. Updated 25.9.08
      Virtual Season Five

Distant Sun


This is my contribution to the Virtual Season Five project. Trip and Malcolm crash land on a planet and end up being accused of sacriledge.

And the alternative ending.

The French version can be found here.

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